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This Page is Dedicated to One of the Most Talented Guitar Players... Wes Borland

I think that Wes Borland is a very talented guitarist, he must be one of the best ones there is. Not only do I think he is a great guitar player but I think he is a great artist and he is also very hot. He is in a way a role model to me, Wes has so much talent I wish I could have half the talent he has. Like Wes I would like to be an artist, I have a long way to go and I hope I can be as talented as Wes is someday. Therefor, this is why I dedicated this web site to Wes Borland...

A Dedication to Wes Borland

This site was last updated on 04/25/2000

This is my Dedication to Wes Borland site. Here you can find pictures, info, interviews, chatrooms, fan art,links to other Wes sites and much more.....

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This Site was Created on 02/16/2000

This Wes Borland/ Limp Bizkit site owned by Nina.
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