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Full Name: Wesley Scott Borland

Date of Birth: February 7th, 1975

Born in Richmond, VA and moved to North Carolina and lived in Nashville Tennessee from 10-15. Then, he moved to Jacksonville to study art at a highschool.

Status: Married to long-time girlfriend Heather McMillen they have been married since 4-10-98.

Wes joined Limp Bizkit when he was 18.

Hobbies: drawing, sewing, taking things apart, playing guitar, designing new costumes

Nickname: Lucy (short for Lucifer), Tongue of Colicab, Wessy Poop Head, Little Cracker Spawn.

Favorite Color: Yellow.

Favorite Drink/Food: Coffee.

Favorite Movie: Star Wars.

Wes has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which he has to take Dexedrine.

Wes used to smoke cigarettes (up to 3 packs a day) but quit on February 9, 1999 :)

Wes got his first tattoo of his wife's name (Heather) on his lower back.

His artwork was once shown at a gallery in Jacksonville.

Wes plays an Ibanez 7 string.

Wes listens to bands like: Tori Amos, Ween, Portishead, Metallica, Ministry, Slayer, Bad Brains, Morbid Angel, Primus, Judas Priest, Lisa Gerard and Dead Can Dance etc…

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