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This page is all about those really annoying people who sign my guestbook saying "I love Wes, I want to be his sex slave" and stupid shit like that. its really pisses me off, because who wants to hear shit like that? Its so idiotic and it reminds me of all those teeny boppin' freaks that obsess of those stupid boy bands and shit.. I'm not saying that all the entries are bad but a lot of them are..

I got this rant from Amanda's site This is what she thinks of boy bands I agreed with her so much I decided to put it up on my site to show all of you annoying chicks what you sound like and to stop signing stupid shit in my guestbook...

boy bands

the concept of a boy band: audition thousands of boys, ranging in ages 18 to mid-twenties, narrow the group down to eighty, narrow that group down to about 15, cut even more members, and you are left with a final result of either 4 or 5 young men, who have never met before, and are now expected to sing together and produce music that will make 11-year-olds go crazy for them. most of them will pin up a picture of their favorite and more than likely make out with it before they go to sleep. this kind of behavior makes me sick. do you think that the singer actually gives 2 shits about anything about himself? i think not. chances are, hes gonna take the fame totally to his head, and probably be the biggest ass youve ever met, if you ever got the pleasure of meeting him. and i hate to hear girls talking about how they touched them. who cares? they get touched by thousands of crazed fans. big deal. he wont ever stop on the street one day and ask you if you were the girl who touched him at that concert back in 1999.

another thing that makes me sick is the fact that people would actually have the nerve to call them artists. the guys dont even write their own songs! a real artist writes their own songs, plays their own instruments, and doesnt need to worry about choreographed dance steps for their mall performance next week. they dont want to be plastered all over the cover of teen beat magazine, they dont want little girls taking quizes of them and scoring perfect 100s. no. at least thats not what i would want if i were an artist. i would want people to know as little about me as possible, and i would just hope that i didnt have a bunch of little kids telling me that im their idol. yuck.

boy bands. they are absurd. the concept is absurd, the members are absurd, the fans are absurd. they buy the cds, learn the words in four days, and constantly sing those damn songs that just make you wish you had a gun...please, someone hand me a gun. i just need to hold a firearm. i would feel so much more secure around those teeny-bopping freaks. yeah, with their backstreet boys cd clutched close at hand, just waiting for the day that brian will autograph it for them. you people make me spew.

I will be **posting some entries from my guestbook soon so you all can see the annoying entries that horny teeny boppin' chicks posted...**